Denture wearing is no longer the ordeal it used to be. Modern techniques mean they fit far better than they used to, and look far more realistic too. They are ideally suited to people with a number of missing teeth.

The latest dentures are strong and lightweight, and because they are flexible they are able to adapt to the constant movement of your mouth. The plate is very thin, so there is no bulky, heavy feeling like there often is with traditional dentures, and it blends virtually seamlessly with the surrounding tissue.

Even if you have lost all your teeth, you will still need to visit us regularly to ensure that your dentures still fit properly and also so we can check for signs of oral disease, including mouth cancer. You also still need to care for your mouth, brushing your gums, tongue and palate daily as well as cleaning your dentures thoroughly.

Mini implants

We can also offer a fast, easy and painless procedure that will enable your dentures to be held firmly in place. You’ll be able to eat whatever you want, and can be confident that your dentures will not slip or fall out accidentally.

Mini implants consist of a tiny titanium post, roughly the size of a wooden toothpick, which is placed into your jawbone and acts like a natural tooth root. Your jawbone bonds with them over time, making them exceptionally strong and long lasting.

Your dentures are fitted with small circular 'o' rings which snap onto the implant, giving you a tight fitting and completely reliable denture system that allows you to speak and eat with confidence.

For more information on dentures or how mini implants can help, please call our practice in Marlow on 01628 488538

This page was last updated on 16 of September 2014